Four x 3 hour workshops and a 5 hour Immersion exploring fascial anatomy, yoga, dance, touch and meditation.

Diving deep into familiar waters, discovering and embracing the unfamiliar, opening the space of spontaneous creativity to find presence in the precious moment of time’s unfolding.

  • 09/2/19 1400-1700

    ‘Tissues, Tensegrity and Time’

  • 02/3/19 1400-1700

    ‘Belonging to Breath’

  • 23/3/19 1400-1700

    ‘Continuity of Conditions’

  • 11/5/19 1400-1700

    ‘Direction and Duration’

  • 12/5/19 1000-1500

    ‘Let the Body Be Weather’

    (Immersion at Trees Bodhi Garden)

Each workshop can be experienced individually although attendance at all five will deliver a clear progression of experience.

Aimed primarily at bodyworkers of all descriptions; yogis, movement practitioners and dancers. People with little or no somatic experience would also benefit. Please contact Richard directly if you would like to discuss attendance.

The final weekend workshop is co-hosted by Macarena Ortuzar and includes a 5 hour Immersion at Trees Bodhi Garden, an oasis of organic beauty, where the work can deepen as guided by nature.

  • ••

Macarena Ortuzar is an independent dancer and teacher born in Chile who has lived in the UK for the past 13 years.

She has shown her work as a solo dance performer and in collaboration with sound artists in America, Europe and Japan.

One of the most influential experiences on her journey through dance was her residence in the countryside of Japan at the Body Weather Farm, and as a member of the Dance Troupe Tokason in 2002 led by Min Tanaka. She is also a certified Thai Yoga Massage therapist.

She now offers regular classes and monthy Labs in Oxford for dancers of the community as well as performing as an independent artist with MUE, an Oxford based Company of Dance, Sound and Light.

“After 20 years of dance and searching for new languages of expression and training for the condition of the body, I am following a personal emergency and the endless attempt to develop my own approach of a dance inspired primarily by the research of improvisational butoh-body and the somatic approach of a body in Transition.”

  • ••

Richard Harding is a Yoga and Movement facilitator and Bodyworker; an artist, musician and gardener. He is passionate about consciousness, the body, its anatomy and ecology. His journey traverses the arts and sciences and ranges from dance training and performance, to medicine. He brings a depth and wealth of anatomical understanding to the practices and is currently studying fascial anatomy with Gary Carter.

In 2001, he lived and trained in with Min Tanaka (Butoh artist/farmer) at Bodyweather Farm, and Dance Resources on Earth, Japan. He has also trained with other notable Butoh dance-artists including Yumiko Yoshioka and Masaki Iwana. His movement research has focused on the authenticity of body through a process he calls ‘In search of the smallest gesture’.

He has performed and taught in numerous European countries, USA, India and Japan.

‘Richard transforms yoga into a poem, a dance of the body and soul. Richard inspires, cajoles and illustrates what yoga is really about: fulfilling the real potential of the body and the spirit. He is simply brilliant.’ (S., Malta 2018)

‘Richard is a therapist who brings profound knowledge and connection to the class.’ (C., UK 2017)

‘His Conscious Touch treatment moves your body and soul forward, beyond the places, you can’t even imagine. I was walking with that wonderfully changed state of consciousness for good few days.’ (K., Malta 2017)

  • ••

Trees Bodhi Garden

Trees 2 acre site in the Wealden AONB and is a long-term project encompassing agroforestry (Forest Gardening), creativity and sustainable options for living, growing and cultivating. The vision evolves and grows in its fundamental desire to provide a discreet space for healing, retreat and community. The space has a small maturing woodland with specimen trees of majesty and beauty, an evolving Forest Garden, poly tunnels and spaces for outdoor living.
The yoga studio is 90 square meters of spruce ply inside a poly-tunnel. Temperature fluctuations are a natural response to the structure’s design and, as such, provide an environment more in tune with the nature outside.

Trees is very accessible from London, Kent and the south coast by train and bus with a short ‘hop’ into the countryside (transport can be arranged).

It is a ‘working’ woodland/agroforestry environment with the attendant risks (grass, brambles, dirt, etc.) and basic facilities (composting toilet).
With good communication prior to the event, accessibility is more than possible.

£30 = Saturday workshop
£60 = Sunday Immersion
£150 = Confirmed attendance with advance payment to all sessions including Sunday immersions (saving £30)

Please do not hesitate to make contact to discuss payment options if finance is an issue.


DM: SatBodhi Yoga on Facebook