Trees Bodhi Garden

Trees 2 acre site in the Wealden AONB and is a long-term project encompassing agroforestry (Forest Gardening), creativity and sustainable options for living, growing and cultivating. The vision evolves and grows in its fundamental desire to provide a discreet space for healing, retreat and community. The space has a small maturing woodland with specimen trees of majesty and beauty, an evolving Forest Garden, poly tunnels and spaces for outdoor living.
The yoga studio is 90 square meters of spruce ply inside a poly-tunnel. Temperature fluctuations are a natural response to the structure’s design and, as such, provide an environment more in tune with the nature outside.


Trees is very accessible from London, Kent and the south coast by train and bus with a short ‘hop’ into the countryside (transport can be arranged).


It is a ‘working’ woodland/agroforestry environment with the attendant risks (grass, brambles, dirt, etc.) and basic facilities (composting toilet).
With good communication prior to any event, accessibility is more than possible.