Richard Harding is a highly skilled and experienced Yoga and Movement facilitator and Bodyworker, an artist, musician and gardener. He is passionate about consciousness, the body, its anatomy and ecology.

His journey traverses the arts (BA hons Fine Art) and sciences (BSc) and ranges from dance training and performance, to medicine (he is a qualified paramedic practitioner) He brings a wealth of anatomical understanding to the practices and is always learning, questioning and exploring. His commitment to seeking out the best learning he can, usually takes him to the best source he can find. And he has travelled to work with some of the most acclaimed teachers in their fields.

With a yoga practice spanning nearly thirty years, Richard genuinely lives and breathes Yoga in his daily life. His asana and movement practice is deeply informed by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and it is with gratitude that he counts among his teachers John Stirk and  Elizabeth Pauncz    who were both direct students of Vanda herself.  He is co-tutor  on Healing Space – Yoga for Cancer teacher training, and he is currently immersed with much delight in further in-depth study of myofascial anatomy with one of his original teachers, Gary Carter. 

In 2001, he lived and trained in with Min Tanaka (Butoh artist/farmer) at Bodyweather Farm, and Dance Resources on Earth, Japan. He has also trained with other notable Butoh dance-artists including Yumiko Yoshioka and Kim Itoh. His movement research has focused on the authenticity of body through a process he calls ‘In search of the smallest gesture’.

He has performed dance works in the UK and abroad to much acclaim.

As a bodyworker, Richard brings another transformative dimension to his work with skilled, intuitive and deeply healing  touch therapy. He is trained and qualified  in Arun Conscious Touch.

What people have said about Richard’s work

‘Richard transforms yoga into a poem, a dance of the body and soul. Richard inspires, cajoles and illustrates what yoga is really about: fulfilling the real potential of the body and the spirit. He is simply brilliant.’


‘Richard is a therapist who brings profound knowledge and connection to the class.’


‘His Conscious Touch treatment moves your body and soul forward, beyond the places, you can’t even imagine. I was walking with that wonderfully changed state of consciousness for good few days.’